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Vehicle History Reports

  Be a wise buyer. Obtain a vehicle history report for the Lincoln Town Car you are thinking of purchasing. This often prevents major mistakes and saves money. You can buy a vehicle history report from one of the companies listed on this Lincoln Town Car-dedicated page for $20 to $60. The more money you spend, the more detail you will see on the report. The twenty-dollar report tells you if the Lincoln Town Car you would like to buy was ever considered totaled (see below). The report also tells you if it was ever considered a lemon under certain state laws, a junked vehicle, or a salvage vehicle (see below). If the odometer was ever rolled back, the report tells you this, also. The sixty-dollar report includes a title search. This search tells you whether the title is actually clear: if the title has any liens or other legal encumbrances attached to it. Should this be the case, it will prevent you from transferring the title to your name and thereby prevents you taking possession of the Lincoln Town Car you plan to buy. The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in your state may also provide vehicle history reports. Check with your local DMV and ask what a report includes and how much it costs. Obtaining a vehicle history report for your Lincoln Town Carcan be comforting. If the Lincoln Town Car has ever been considered totaled, this most likely means that the vehicle sustained extensive structural damage at one time and was not worth repairing. Seeing the word totaled on the vehicle history report should raise a large red flag for you and make you extremely cautious about buying the vehicle in question. The Lincoln Town Car probably sustained substantial damage from a fire, an accident, or some other cause at one point in time. It definitely has not been through the normal wear and tear of everyday driving. Repairing such a vehicle so that it operates properly again is a very difficult task. The report can tell you if the LincolnTown Car you like has ever been considered a salvage vehicle. If so, it means that the vehicle was damaged in a fire, flood, hailstorm or in some other manner. The Lincoln Town Car could have been damaged to the point where extensive repairs were needed in order to bring it to a point were it could be placed back on the market. However, the vehicle was considered repairable. To order a vehicle history report, the company or the DMV asks you for a vehicle identification number (VIN). Locate this 16-digit VIN on the driver’s side dashboard of your Lincoln Town Car (you can see it through the windshield), or the drivers side door frame. The advantage of obtaining your vehicle history report online is that it is easy and fast. You don’t have to drive anywhere and wait in line. Plus, you can get the report 24/7, anytime of the year. How convenient!
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